“I didn’t want to be one of those moms that stay covered up at the beach”

Helia Fitness success story Syma


In the beginning I was like most other women – I tried all the diets, did all the videos, and even have a treadmill at home.  I wasn’t seeing results with anything I was doing and was getting very frustrated so I decided to try personal training – it was the best decision I ever made! 

I started working with a personal trainer, who came to my home three days a week.  After about a year, she came twice a week and three days when I felt that I really needed her support.

I love working with a trainer, I always joke that “I would never do to myself what my trainer makes me do”!!  I love being in competition with myself – to work myself hard and see the results!   I was very athletic as a teenager and when you get married, start working, have a family; it is so easy for your fitness to take a backseat, putting others before you.

There is NO way I would be where I am today (size 14 from a 20 and 25 pounds lighter) if it wasn’t for getting a trainer to come work with me.  I always say this as a joke, but the first thing to go was my “back fat”… the fat that hangs underneath your bra!  Seriously – I know for a fact that without a trainer pushing me I would not have achieved the success that I have.  It helps to be accountable to someone other than yourself. 

I have learned that it takes hard work and dedication to achieve a success, but isn’t that true in life?  If you want something – you have to work for it.  As well, when you set goals and achieve them, it pours into other aspects of your life.  You want to be the best at every activity and give it your all.

I also want to add something very important – as women, we are able to do so much.  We juggle working, families and everything else and a lot of us put ourselves last on the list.  Make time for yourself.  I have found that one hour goes by so quickly and there is so much benefit for getting fit and getting your exercise in and eating healthy (I also enjoy foods that aren’t so healthy, but make sure that I keep track of these treats)!  Take the time for yourself and once a day – put yourself first – I guarantee that you will feel as amazing and healthy as I do.  I am 40 now and I feel 25!

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