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Swimsuit Strategies

Try as we might to get in shape before having to reveal our bodies to the world (or at the very least to the folks at the local outdoor pool), it seems there are always a few more pounds that we could lose or jiggles we could tone and tighten. Women are indisputably self critical- and never more so than when they are standing in front of a three-way mirror in a swimsuit shop.

For many of us, there is an amount of positive self-talk required to make it through an afternoon of trying on swimsuits that were seemingly designed for none other than runway models and the mannequins in the store window. Considering the typical runway model is 5”ll and 117 pounds, (not attainable) and that we do not have the luxury of having our own makeup artist, hairstylist, and light crew walk with us every step we make on the beach- we should give ourselves more credit for how we look in the dressing room mirror, fluorescent lights and all.

Like in any other area of life, it’s best to focus your energy on what you can change rather than dwelling on what you cannot. Remember, we do have the ability to work on our on bodies for summer, to improve on how we look and feel, and to become stronger, more fit and healthier versions of ourselves. And while you may not transform your figure overnight, each workout is a step towards a more rewarding and less traumatizing swimsuit shopping experience next year. Start by finding a fitness plan that works for you.

Selecting the right swimsuit for your body type will likewise accentuate your best features while camouflaging other less attractive areas.

If, for example, you carry weight in your lower half (pear-shaped some might say), look for a suit that is a solid color from the waist down, with a print, a bold color block, or a ruffle on the top, to draw the eye upward.

Meanwhile, top-heavy women should aim to find a bathing suit that draws attention to the hip area. If your body type is straight (lacking a defined waistline), find a suit that has a pattern at the bust and hip area with a solid print at the middle — again drawing the eye to the areas you feel confident about. One of this season’s favorite beach silhouettes is the V-neck halter suit, which draws attention upward to your face, a style that can bring out the best in almost any figure type.

Also important, is locking in on the right size. While this may sound simple enough, wearing clothing that doesn’t fit properly is one of the biggest fashion faux pas women make. What many of us don’t realize is that our regular clothing size is really only a guideline. Start by finding the swimsuit you like in the size you think you are, but before you head into the dressing room also grab the same suit a size smaller and one a size larger, and try on all three before deciding if it’s right or wrong for you.

It may also be time to change your focus and stop thinking about a day at the beach as being just about the bathing suit. It’s really about the whole look, and the experience of having a great time in the sun with your friends or family. Even if you have not lost all the weight you expected to lose for the summer season, walk tall, pay attention to posture, and wear a smile. A happy, positive facial expression radiates inner beauty, and that always outshines everything else.

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