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Run Like a Girl

Women are born to run, but we certainly can’t follow in the boys’ footsteps, the only curve they will ever hold is the one in the road. We have breasts, less muscle, more fat, and mood swings that intensify every five weeks. We shave our legs, cry at the movies, and wear pink. The point is– we are different. We lack core abdominal strength and the same curves that make us sexy also make us less stable in our pelvis and knee joints. We need programs made for our bodies, running clothes made for our shape and shoes made for our stride.

Our differences are strengths, not setbacks. Our bodies are designed to move, not to sit at a workstation or on a couch. We are destined to jog, to cover uneven terrain, to trek along the trails. We can stabilize our pelvis with core exercises, strengthen our knees through training, and develop an unsurpassed passion for this gratifying and rewarding sport. So step away from the nearest electronic device, put down the TV guide, pick up your runners, and get out the door.


Men’s bodies are like surfboards, and ours are like waves. Clothes should fit your shape, support your assets, and make you feel like the running goddess that you really are. When you run, you will sweat. Wearing fitted layers of technical fabrics is the best way to go, so look for clothes that suit your shape and that wick the moisture away from your skin.


Most women concentrate on cardio when they hit the gym (usually as a tool for weight management) but adding resistance training to your program will ensure an increase in your strength, speed and muscular endurance. Training your entire body (something not often done by runners) will improve your basal metabolic rate, accelerating weight loss results, while working to prevent injury. A strong back and core, plus powerful shoulders and chest will all make your run more efficient and it goes without saying that the stronger your legs, the easier your run!


Build a strong foundation before you ramp up the intensity. Following a plan will increase adherence, make it easier for your body to adapt and allow your joints, tendons, and muscles to become used to the new stress, decreasing your chances of untimely injuries in the future. Increase your mileage (the number of miles you run) by no more than 10% per week working up to a steady 30 minutes of jogging or running at a moderate pace. This will change the way your body metabolizes fuel, increase your running fitness, and set the foundation for long-term success.


When you think of all the benefits of running the first two words that come to mind are: “weight management”. The average woman can burn 100 calories per mile, making running one of the best calorie-burning activities around. A good running program will help you to lose more than your inhibitions towards a new form of fitness; it will help you to lose clothing sizes, the load on your knees, the pressure on your zippers, and the mental stress of being overweight.


87% of women are wearing the wrong sports bra. You wouldn’t run on a treadmill wearing flip-flops and you shouldn’t be doing your workout wearing an under-wire from your local department store. Your breasts need to be held firmly in position to minimize bouncing, which causes stretching of the Cooper’s ligament (the only ligament that stops the breast from sagging, once stretched, it is irreversible, causing sagging breasts forever!).


If you never risk going beyond your limits, then you’ll never know all of the great things that you are capable of. Running is a great way to learn to work outside your comfort zone, develop your abilities, expand your horizons and learn about your body. Taking part in races gives you a goal to work towards and the feel-good factor of overcoming a challenge.

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