“Look after your health, as you never know when it won’t be there”

Helia Fitness success story


For the last few years I’ve struggled to make exercise a habit. I was busy, busy with work, busy watching my grandchildren grow up, busy with life in general. But everything changed last year when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

My diagnosis was followed by a full year of treatments; the chemotherapy left me feeling fatigued and my surgeries left my upper body feeling weak. At the time I didn’t think that I would ever recover my strength but I was to be very surprised.

Training has helped me to rebuild a foundation, starting with the basics. The movements that I learned worked to strengthen and realign my body. Now I am more aware of my posture and have recovered (and even surpassed) the upper body strength that I had prior to surgery. 

My trainer has helped me to push myself more than I ever have on my own, and as a result my strength, my stamina, and my coordination have all improved.

Today I’m proud to say that I make the time to exercise four or five times each week. I’m sleeping well and living the life I want to lead. I feel great. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been and more aware of my body. I see and feel my body and mind changing for the better.

I know that I will not give up exercise as easily as I did before. This year my health has become so much more important to me. My experience has taught me this: Look after your health, as you never know when it won’t be there.

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