“I felt like I was a world-class elite athlete training for the Olympics and I won Gold!”

Helia Fitness success story Linda


My mother passed away from breast cancer in her early 50s. That event changed me; it made me realize how precious life is, and how valuable time spent on personal growth and development is – challenging yourself, setting goals, and achieving them – you never know when you won’t have your health.

I played women’s soccer for the last 6 years, and could just feel that my endurance, strength and cardio were not there. I wanted to be able to play with the intensity and strength that I used to play with and so I decided to pursue personal training.

I have belonged to fitness clubs since my 20’s, but have never experienced anything like this. You are being trained but you’re also being taught at the same time, learning about things like the different dimensions of core strength. I feel now that I am physically in the best shape that I have ever been in.

Fitness gives me a greater sense of balance. I have been able to finally make my own health and fitness a priority. Exercise has become a fundamental part of my existence and this is an accomplishment that I know I will continue to benefit from until my senior years.

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