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Hybrid Group X: Find Your Perfect Blend

Imagine finishing a heart-pounding indoor cycling class, then immediately switching gears to do a serene yoga routine on mats beside the bikes. Hybrid workouts like this save you time and provide variety to stave off exercise plateaus and overuse injuries.

So what classes work best as a hybrid format? There are plenty of possibilities. Some fitness fusion classes blend music-driven, energetic activity like indoor cycling with quiet tranquillity, such as yoga’s Sun Salutations. Others merge complementary practices such as Pilates and Tai Chi for a double dose of mind-body exercise.

Consider the four categories below for selecting the hybrid styles that best suit your interests and personality.

Opposites Attract

At first glance, indoor cycling and yoga might seem like an odd mix. But they work well together because yoga limbers leg muscles that cycling tightens. Work your heart and lungs and strengthen your legs with cardio on the bike, then benefit from yoga’s flexibility training and upper-body exercise.

Cardio and Strength

Combining, for example, step and a total-body circuit into one workout makes for harder cardio exercise and helps balance upper- and lower-body conditioning. Bonus for die-hard step fans: Adding a circuit workout to your step routine lets you squeeze a little cross training into your week.

Similar Styles

Merging two similar styles like Pilates and yoga pumps up flexibility and core training in one time-saving class. If you’re a dedicated yoga or Pilates follower, you also get to enjoy a similar but new activity, which may boost your overall motivation.

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