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Fitness Routine Roundup: What’s Your Best Fit?

If hopping on a treadmill three times per week sums up your plan for getting in shape once and for all, stop right there. You need more diversity to ensure your get-fit resolve doesn’t dissolve quickly. So seek out a variety of activities that mesh with your personality and goals. Here, read a roundup of today’s most trendy fitness choices, and how to pick the right ones for you.


What A 5,000-year-old practice that’s still going strong today, yoga fosters well-being through deep breathing, mind-body connection and poses that stretch and strengthen your entire body. Popular styles include: Iyengar, with its attention to postural alignment; Ashtanga, known for its stamina-building routine; and Bikram – or hot yoga – where you do a series of postures with the room’s thermostat cranked up.
Who Whether you want a gentle class to unwind in, or a sweatfest that strengthens your muscles, there’s a yoga style to match your preferences. Sample different classes at your gym or a yoga studio to find one (or more) that feels like a good fit.


What Widely popular among dancers, Pilates involves flexibility and resistance exercises on mats or machines. With controlled breathing, concentration and an emphasis on engaging your core – known in Pilates circles as the “powerhouse” – this mind-body discipline helps you develop beautiful posture and strong abs.
Who If your workouts consist mainly of cardio, Pilates can stretch and strengthen your muscles for a more well-rounded regimen. It also appeals to those who want mind-body exercise without the meditation and spiritual components common in yoga.

Hybrid Classes

What A blend of two or more exercise modes into one class to help you cross train without spending more time at the gym. For example, do both yoga and Pilates in one time-efficient hybrid class that combines each discipline’s best elements. Fitness fusions also pair more diverse but still complementary workouts, such as sports drills for cardio, strength and agility with yoga for flexibility and mental focus.
Who Hybrid workouts suit those who are open to trying new activities, even if it’s in small doses. Got a short attention span? These combo classes are sure to hold your interest.

Fitness Boot Camps

What Among today’s hottest fitness trends, boot camps range from gym circuits that alternate step and dumbbell exercises to belly-crawling through mud in a playground obstacle course. Regardless of format, the premise is always the same: to whip you into shape with military-inspired drills like pushups, calisthenics and running.
Who Boot camps are known for their rapid-fire intensity, but with the right fitness instruction, almost anyone can enlist. If you’re motivated by challenging exercise and camaraderie, try boot camp. Worried about an insult-spewing instructor humiliating you in front of your peers? At ease. Civilian boot camps encourage you with teamwork and tough love.

Running Clinics

What Clinic participants gather on one or more days per week to pound the pavement en masse, usually with a run leader or two heading the pack. Organized by running apparel stores or gyms, the sessions may include guidance on everything from basic nutrition and shoe selection to improving your stride and speed.
Who Running clinics cater to all experience levels. Neophytes learn proper technique to help sidestep injury from the word “go.” Veterans pick up tips for boosting performance and running efficiency. Sign up for a clinic if you could benefit from instruction on your running style and/or you like the idea of being a runner but you prefer social activities to solo ones.

Personal Training

What Forget about one-size-fits-all fitness. Having a personal trainer by your side gives you individualized workouts, tailored specifically to your goals and abilities. The payoff? You get more out of your fitness program, faster, and with less risk of injury. You don’t need a gym membership to hire a trainer. Plenty of exercise experts offer in-home services (and bring their own gear), so you benefit from the convenience and privacy of exercising in your living room.
Who Personal training suits anyone who wants to get or stay in shape: A qualified trainer can help you make sense of new-to-you fitness tools and machines, enlighten you on more productive ways to work out or suggest safe exercises after an injury. If you’re in a rut or your commitment to fitness is dwindling, hiring a trainer may be your solution.

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