“My clothes were fitting too snugly and I had zero energy.”

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After I got married, I really let my fitness slide. I guess I was so caught up in the excitement of a new life, that I basically put exercise on the backburner. I could see that my body was changing. Clothes were fitting a little more snugly and I was just feeling like garbage. I had no energy and my self-esteem took a beating.

In my life I have taken MANY exercise classes including yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, etc. I realized these were effective, but I wanted to try something different….something that would cater to me as an individual.

In June I started working with a trainer. Though difficult at first, it gradually became easier and after a few short months I couldn’t believe what started happening!! The results have been phenomenal. I am leaner, fitter and have way more energy.

Having a trainer has played a critical role in helping me achieve success. A personal trainer allows you the opportunity to have someone focused solely on you. With eyes on you all the time, you can be certain that you are performing the exercises properly and correctly.

A personal trainer will never let you take the easy road out. For example, if I were to endeavor to do 15 push-ups on my own, I would probably stop at 10. Those last 5 push-ups are a killer and I would probably justify stopping before finishing the set in its entirety. Believe me, this never happens in my sessions. You are forced to see an activity through to completion. And that is how results are realized.

I have learned the importance of courage, willingness to try new things, commitment, determination and persistence. I have learned that exercise is a priority and that I must engage in it to be healthy. I have also learned how easy it is to incorporate exercise into my lifestyle.

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