Understanding Labels and Health Claims

Understanding Labels and Health Claims

At home, you can eat only what is available. For your weight management program to be successful, you must master ...

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Helia Fitness women's simple sugar

Simple Sugars- Good or Bad?

When carbohydrates – “Simple” monosaccharaides (Glucose or blood sugar/Fructose or fruit sugar), disaccharides (sucrose or table sugar & lactose or …

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Helia Fitness organic

Eating on the Run

Over the past two decades, our society has seen the number of convenience stores, fast food chains, vending machines, and …

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Helia Fitness clean eating

Clean Your Plate

When you were a child, no doubt you were expected to follow some pretty simple nutrition guidelines. If you finish …

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Helia Fitness nutrition spicy

A Fare Compromise

If you’ve partaken in any number of tasteless, calorie free meals, whether self-inflicted or at the mercy of a dear …

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